About me

I am María José Ballesteros Lorenzo, illustrator and writer. I was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1983. I have majored in School of Arts in Toledo and studied a postgraduate in «Narrative illustration for children´s and teenagers´s publications» in EINA in Barcelona.

«Ventanuca» was my first illustrated album, she gave name to the artistic myself and she has been with me for the past few years along my way in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia where I created the other characters of my books.

At present I live in Toledo, Spain, in the countryside, where I find inspiration in nature. I am currently working on a collection of illustrated albums of environmental principles.

Recently, one of my illustrated albums for children: «A Box» (edited by NubeOcho) has appeared on the list of the “Best Children’s Books in Spanish of 2023” published in the USA, made by the prestigious Bank Street College of Education. You can get it in bookstores, at the «Casa del libro» or on Amazon.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any inquiry.

Con Dora y la piedra gris